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John Dooley honored with 2022 Alumni Distinguished Service Award

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John Dooley who received his Master’s Degree and Ph.D. from Virginia Tech, was recognized with the university’s Alumni Distinguished Service Award May 12. The 2022 award recognized four individuals with outstanding service to the university and the Virginia Tech Alumni Association.  

John Dooley's success as a leader is perhaps a result of the relationships he builds with the people he meets. "I don't know how John does it, but John knows all the people he works with. He never forgets a name, he never forgets what the people do. Their families. He's always interested in them and he can, he can put people together for a collaboration. It seems so natural to him. He's a natural diplomat, too." John has always had a vision for the university and a unique way of handling any situation with objectivity and a positive perspective. "Perhaps two people can disagree on the solution or what to do. And John can just quietly present both sides of it. He inserts his opinion on the things. And when the meeting's over, everyone leaves from the table happy. I've never seen anyone disagree after anything like that. And, and it's always a positive conclusion. And I think positiveness, it's just John. You know, he always, his attitude is, it's inspiring to me." He brings out the best in others. "He's a very bright guy who is a quick study. He's very intuitive about the people that he's working with to be able to understand what motivates people. He knows how to motivate people." Although John has retired from the Foundation, He's still invested in Virginia Tech through his current role with Athletics. "If all the people that John his touched and all of the people that he has worked with and respect him. I don't know how many Drillfields would be filled or how many Lane Stadiums, but it would be probably thousands because he has just touched that many people." "If any one epitomizes Ut Prosim, John Dooley does. He absolutely, in my way of thinking, brings a warm human aspect to this university. And the university is much better for him having been here."