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Volunteers serve up sandwiches and smiles at Cheesy Nights

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For over a decade University Libraries has been serving grilled cheese sandwiches and other snacks to thousands of Hokies during finals week. Cheesy Nights is made possible by generous donations and helpful Hokie volunteers.
Grilled cheese! Grilled Cheese! This is my fourth year, and we do it two times a year or so, a total of eight times. It's a mindset of the volunteers having fun, wanting to interact with the students, and knowing that we can put a smile on these kids faces when they're going through some of the hardest parts of being in school here. This is my first time volunteering at Cheesy Nights. And the reason why I wanted to get into it personally was, my sophomore year, I took a really, really hard final, and so I came back, I was like I was a little down in the dumps, you know? But then I was like, oh, what is going on here? Like, what's all this stuff? And then they're like, oh, it's free grilled cheese, come out and get some. And so my spirits lifted up a little bit, I was like, this is awesome. I got some food, I warmed up, but I kind of just wanted to give back, spread the love, you know, make sure that everybody else could get some grilled cheese and experience the same thing that I did after finals. Well, I feel like it sort of speaks to the type of people that VT attracts because, you know, here at Virginia Tech, I feel like it's a community of givers, community of people who want to see other Hokies succeed. And so the people who donate to make this happen to people who are here working it right now, you know there are people that just want to give and want to live out Ut Prosim, which is our motto here of that I may serve. To all of the volunteers, I would say thank you so much. You guys made my day. I think the people who show up as volunteers are a really nice crowd. And I love seeing all like the moms and dads because it feels like more like home. I'm like, oh, like my parents, they just feel like kind of like my parents, even though I did just meet you 2 seconds ago, but yeah. So thank you so much. If there's one thing I know for sure like Hokies are awesome. They always come out here putting on big events for the community. So I really just appreciate the community that Hokies are.