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College of Engineering Outstanding Senior Yasmin Farzan reflects on her time as a Hokie

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Category: campus experience Video duration: College of Engineering Outstanding Senior Yasmin Farzan reflects on her time as a Hokie
Chemical Engineering senior Yasmin Farzan reflects on her time as a Hokie. She found a passion for standup comedy on accident while at an open mic, which shaped her perspective while facing difficult challenges. 
So when I was writing my applications for different colleges during my senior year of high school. When I looked up your Jia texts questions, it just felt right. I was asked questions like, what kind of contributions have you made to a group? What do you do when you see discrimination? And what does that mean to you? I want it to be a part of community that cherishes volunteering and service. I loved it. Practical aspects of engineering that I could see in the real-world. Anything that I was interested in could be done with engineering. And I talked to different engineers and I talked to the chemical engineers and hurt their life story. And it just felt very cool. I would go to salsa night every Wednesday at milk parlor. Apparently there was a comedy show there. So we're just sitting in the audience enjoying the show of the convenient ask the audience, is anyone scared of public speaking? Now I did not raise my head, but they've picked me. It was meant to be, you know, I get on the stage and I honestly fell in love with it. I love talking to the microphone, looking at it Lab. And it really helped me throughout my college experience because it helped me get outside of my comfort zone. And it's also us drove me to see like the positive and the, I guess the good thing. Even in stressful and non-ideal situation. There are lots of things that I'm going to be so much mainly being surrounded. It's so many students that are your own age enjoy the days that are left. Try to make as much memories and try to not lose the connections after you graduate college. But once a hokey, always a hokey.