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Meet Ringo, the police patrol pony

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Students around campus might be surprised to spot Ringo, Virginia Tech Police Department's miniature pony. John Tarter, resident life resource officer and Ringo's owner, Leslie Roberts Gregg '79 took Ringo for a midday stroll around Burruss Hall to greet staff and students alike. The pony likes posing with students and helps promote community policing outreach.
Our police department is heavily involved in community policing, And so we work with Residence Life, we partner with them. And Ringo came to us and we thought this fits in perfect with what our job is, here at the Virginia Tech Police Department. Because we want to reach out to as many students as we possibly can to promote our police programs and services. Ringo has been under training to become a therapy pony or emotional support mini. And he's really good about just standing and being very patient, having selfies taken, doing group pictures and we answer questions that might arise about a mini and working with an emotional support animal. The, the joy he brings is amazing and it's so much fun to be able to share him with the Virginia Tech community because being a Tech alumni, I love being able to give back. We ask that they take pictures and send them to their mom. And then we ask that they like our Instagram pages because the young people are more on Instagram, than everything else. And then they can follow where the pony is going to be next. And they will show up at the next location where we're at. Plus, if they follow us on Instagram, then they're more likely to sign up for our students Police Academy, our basic self-defense class for men and women. So that's the goal, is to use Ringo to make people happy and also to promote what we do here at Virginia Tech Police Department.