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First-year cadets build confidence at obstacle course

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Category: campus experience Video duration: First-year cadets build confidence at obstacle course

First-year cadets took to the obstacle course and rappel tower for their first time. The training is designed to help cadets develop confidence, teamwork and leadership.

This is the obstacle course that we have here that's affiliated with the Virginia Tech Gorham kid, that's all of our freshman class or doing the obstacle course for the first time today. Part of the reason we bring that everyone here to the obstacle course is not only to help them establish their team-building together, but it's also something that nobody has ever done before. So a lot of these kids have never stepped foot on any kind of obstacle, even sort of similar to what we have going on here. So it instills a lot of confidence in them and it makes them think that they can do things they never would have thought of. A lot of these kids have been training super hard the last few days and haven't really had time to get to know each other. And today they're here to motivate each other and push each other to get over these obstacles. Leg over. The first time I came to this obstacle course, I looked at it and I was like, I'm not going to be able to just single one of these obstacles. All of my bugs like motivated me and they've even pushed me over some of these obstacles. And I remember it vividly because I was so scared that I thought I was going to cry and I was able to get over every single one of them with their help. Get you. Talk about something that I think the obstacle course really helps with is overcoming your fears. The fear of coming to college, the fear of failing your classes, the fear of all of these obstacles, honestly, because I saw the looks on these kids faces when they walked up and they are probably very scared right now. But being able to get over these things and show yourself that you can do stuff you never thought you could do can easily be applied to college in general. And so it kinda gives you that sense of like private. You can push yourself and know you're capable of things you never thought you were able to do.