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VTCSOM Conversations about Health Disparities

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What an amazing and informative event! Thank you Black Father Families for organizing this event featuring Dr. Robert Winn and moderated by Dr. William Lee. Watch the full conversation at
All of the work that we'll do, a black father family, you position it from the lens of public health, right? How do we, as black as black fathers begin to prioritize our health? We can't leave a legacy if we're not here to leave the legacy, right? So I thought it was critical for us to begin to have their conversation. Vgc is a perfect place for this event because it demonstrates the commitment that we have and to really establish trust that we are here to build solutions as allies in our journey toward a more equitable health. Scientists. Great technology is great. But the reality is our job is to make sure that we don't lose the one most valued. And as public trust, have to make certain that we're communicating and that we're showing as health system scientists that we care. And particularly when it comes to African American fathers, in this program really is centered on how to get mental health back to health. So these types of conversations are setting then in the motion of maintaining and even rebuilding and gaining public trust. And that's why participating in these types of conversations are going to be critical, not just now, but in the future.