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"Color of Freedom" exhibit inspires minority women in service

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Amanda Wyche, a senior in the Corps of Cadets and Army R.O.T.C., shares how the stories of the women featured in the traveling exhibit "Color of Freedom" inspire and encourage her as she looks towards her own leadership journey in the United States Army.

Brought to Virginia Tech by the Military Women’s Memorial, and hosted through a partnership between the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets and University Libraries, the traveling exhibit honors the diversity of America’s servicewomen and hopes to build awareness of the sacrifices of women from diverse backgrounds who forged a path for women of all backgrounds to serve in and with the U.S. military.

The exhibit will be on display February 10 through March 16 on the library’s fourth floor, across from the Corps of Cadets Museum space.

Read more about the exhibit here:

My name is Amanda H. I am a senior in the Heidi tidies. I'm graduating in 2023 with the hope of commissioning in the United States on being in the corporate office, It's very challenging, especially in 2020, to being a part of the minority, being a woman, the black. Seeing the memorial in the library of all the service woman, just being successful. The opportunity for other minority women, not just service woman to see how successful we can be there. Their stories are also ingrained inside of American history. So it really does give us inspiration to just continue to strive and move on. It also gives us the inspiration that sometimes it's going to art. They did not go through it easy tied themselves. So if I can continue, maybe I can inspire the next generation to come out for me.