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"I love how alive the campus feels"

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As students return for the Fall 2021 semester, they're looking forward to football games, in-person classrooms, making friends and social events. 
Well now that we're back, It just feels really nice to see everyone and just be in an environment where people are learning in person again and being around together. I love how loud the Canvas fields. I'm really glad I got to express inverse it. I love the environment is very inviting and welcoming and everyone here just as a great attitude, I love it. Yeah. What I'm looking forward to most is having a big football games again, making friends for that matched the faces are people that you saw online. I'm getting able to know them in person. I'm actually looking forward to getting loud and jumping and Person class because I found God retain information way easier that way. Even this year alone, I've managed to make new friends and all of my classes already. And that's something that we didn't get to develop. We say, Oh, I'm already hanging out getting lunch with a bunch of my peers and I never would've gotten to meet if it was completely virtual. It was nice seeing each other on computer and not really have to walk around. But when we're online, it was really hard to have solid friendships because everyone wants to stay safe and stay isolated. I'm really excited that we're back here and just able to talk to each other and actually see each other in person. And I feel like everyone's in the same boat where everyone's like, Oh, I want to make friends because they haven't been so long. I think it's part of a genius. I just overall community of it. I think that's super important to the learning experience as well as the overall college experience.