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Alumnus finds dream job combining analytics and basketball

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Category: culture Video duration: Alumnus finds dream job combining analytics and basketball
Alumnus Faizan Hasnany is well positioned in his role with the Chicago Bulls to combine his love of basketball with the expertise he developed while earning his bachelor’s in business information technology and master's in business analytics at Virginia Tech.
[00:00:00] >> My name is Faizan Hasnany and I graduated from here in 2017 with an undergrad degree in BIT and then I did a one year master's program in the new business analytics program. They track every player's x and y coordinates. and the ball's x, y and z coordinates. [00:00:13] I currently do analytics for the Bulls. Analytics and basketball kind of touches on all parts of team operations. We're looking at how do we evaluate players, how do we evaluate player's skills beyond, you know, just what our eyes can see, trying to predict future player performance for guys who are going to be in the NBA draft. [00:00:34] And then from a coaching strategy side, we look at you know, some of the things that coaches can do to optimize the way that we play and make it more efficient. The further along the technology gets, the more data you have -- whether it's teams or companies-- they're going to be looking for ways that they can utilize that and try to gain an edge. [00:00:51] I think Virginia Tech prepared me tremendously. Not just from you know the coursework, but the way that the classes are structured having those presentation and communication skills. We had a capstone project where we worked directly with the company as kind of a consultant but as a student you kind of get a feel for experience beyond just you know, taking tests and working in the classroom. [00:01:09] There are so many people who helped me along the way and people who still help me every day, mentors. The chance to be able to be a resource for other students who are you know, trying to do similar things is really an honor.