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Virginia Tech launches its most ambitious campaign ever

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Fueled by the generosity of passionate alumni and friends, the university will achieve once unimaginable goals. Boundless Impact: The Campaign for Virginia Tech will generate the philanthropic resources that are critical to success. It will also engage more students and alumni than ever before, enhancing and nurturing the Virginia Tech culture. The impact will stretch far into the future.
[00:00:06] >> Sunlight on the majestic mountains reveals the beauty of this place --where we came to learn, to grow. We found our friends. We found our home. I chose Virginia Tech mostly for its community. When I came here, I really got the sense of what being a Hokie was. [00:00:29] During class change time I saw that everyone really enjoyed being here and I remember someone told me they had never met someone that had a bad thing to say about Virginia Tech and I really wanted to be surrounded in that kind of atmosphere and environment. Classroom is one extremely important factor but you get so much more on that campus than classroom education. [00:00:56] Being a Hokie is a way of life. Standing up. Stepping in. Serving in the ways most meaningful to you, solving problems to help others, leading as Hokies do. Ut Prosim, that I may serve. You can serve in many different ways and you can tell it when people do it because they want to versus doing it because they have to and Hokies want to serve. [00:01:26] I think it's challenged me to be a better person and to help others. Being here and getting a degree isn't just for myself but using that degree to help others in whatever career that I choose to be in. Just take a few minutes to look around. There's a lot of change that's occurring and a lot of challenges that we have in our country, in our companies. [00:01:50] And with the type of challenges that we have today, we need the Hokies to help sol