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Virginia Tech scholar displaced by war in Ukraine

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Category: research Video duration: Virginia Tech scholar displaced by war in Ukraine
Olha Nimko is a research assistant professor who came to Virginia Tech this year as part of a displaced scholar program, due to the ongoing war in Ukraine. She expands upon the plight of scholars who are displaced by the war in Ukraine and describes her current research on food insecurity amongst refugees.

The intensity of bombing in the first ten days of the war was concerning. When the war started, I secured a 15 month position at ETH University in Zurich, Switzerland. Then things in Ukraine remained insecure. And I saw job opening at Virginia Tech, and I applied for this. At Virginia Tech, I'm conducting research on food security among refugees because more than 80% of refugees globally face food insecurity. And that's why this issue is very important. I want to express my gratitude to Virginia Tech for this possibility to stay safe and for possibility to continue my research. Just for now the situation in Ukraine is insecure. But if situation gets better, I definitely want to rejoin with my husband. Slow.