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Board of Visitors Tour Upper Quad

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Major General Randal Fullhart, Commandant of the Corps of Cadets, leads the Board of Visitors on a tour of the newly finished Corps Leadership and Military Sciences Building as well as the outside of the Upper Quad Hall North, the new residence hall for the Corp of Cadets, during the November Buildings and Grounds Committee session.

We are very pleased today to welcome members of the board of visitors to visit here on the upper quad. In particular the core leadership of military science building that you see behind me, as well as walking past the third new residence hall, upper quad hall north. The board of visitors is integral to the success of the core. They've been very supportive over the years, and this is really a coming out party for the new buildings, for them to see the fruits of their labor as well. Even though we're right across the street from a very loud power plant. That's because we sound proof the north face as well as the windows so we wouldn't have the sound in. Well, this is my 13th year as Commandant of Cadets. It will be my final year and it's great to have sort of the culmination of the work over that time, not only to facilities but also the size of our staff, the growth in the Corps.