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Campus Beautification team plants fall flowers at Burruss Hall

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Category: campus experience Video duration: Campus Beautification team plants fall flowers at Burruss Hall
The Campus Beautification team works on planting fall annual flowers in front of Burruss Hall in preparation for the cool weather.
It's roughly somewhere in the neighborhood of 750 to 800 flowers here at Burs Hall. We did a full annual interchange for the fall, took out the spring and summer plants that we had in here, because in the next two to three weeks, once it gets colder, those guys die from the frost. We replaced them with violas which will handle the cold a little bit better. We're hoping that they make through until next spring. For the most part, you're just looking for cold hardy varieties. Pansies, violas are number one. You're trying to be careful with them, because if they have a good root system, then you can almost throw them in there like you're shuffling cards on a deck of cards. But if they don't really have good root systems and you go throwing them around in the holes, and typically they end up busted and broken up and half the plants are going to be dead before you ever really get going. We typically have anywhere 5-10 full time employees that will come out and check the flower beds, sometimes twice a week. Make sure that everything just looks in general really good. To get the flowers that you need, you have to order those somewhere in the neighborhood of three to six months before the season hits. We typically just take the trucks out there, load them up, haul them back here, throw them in the ground, and, you know, repeat the process about ten times till we're completely finished with it. Everything stays pretty good. I guess we're all pretty light hearted and that kind of thing. But at the end of the day, I did hire these guys to help me do this. And I'm pretty well pleased with most of the guys that are here to help.