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Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine Graduation 2023

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Congrats to the VTCSOM Class of 2023! It has been an incredible four years, and we can't wait to see all of the amazing things you will do going on in your careers. It has been an honor to aid you in your journey!
What a beautiful morning it is. It's my pleasure to welcome you here on this beautiful morning. Celebrate the commencements ceremony of our 10th graduating class, the class of 2023. Class of 2023 of the last four years have indeed been unique and challenging ways. However, as I reflect on the journey you've traveled, I have no doubt that you will go for it. That's our ambassadors and make us very, very proud. Each of you has the opportunity, and I would say the responsibility to use your talents and experiences to impact others positively. My hope for you is that you will be exceptional units leading with love, humility, and compassion. As you seek to serve a community beyond yourself. Together, we are a diverse group of individuals who uphold our shared values of inclusivity through kindness, humility through reflection, and open-mindedness Bureau respect. Together as the class of 2023, we will remain steadfast to our principals and the hopes of enriching the lives of our peers, colleagues, school, community, and most importantly, our patients. I hope you always take the time. So listen to the stories of your patients. I hope you have the wisdom to accept the message it sends you. And I hope you allow the message to guide you in your journey as future physicians. Anyone who's out in this fortune of asking me how medical school is going has been immediately treated to me rambling about how absolutely incredible every single one of my classmates are and how confidently that I could say that each and every one of them are gonna be amazing. Humanistic positions. We are products of the people we love. And to be in this room means that your love has been an integral part of us crossing stage today. And your love will continue to be an integral part in the care we provide for our future patients. Thank you for believing in us, for sacrificing for us and for loving us. My dear class, I love you all so much and look forward to seeing us thrive.