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Lavender House Grand Opening: Virginia Tech's New Living-Learning Community

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Category: campus experience Video duration: Lavender House Grand Opening: Virginia Tech's New Living-Learning Community
The first living-learning community for LGBTQ+ studies at Virginia Tech launched in fall 2022, with a grand opening ceremony held during Homecoming Week. Alumni, students, faculty, staff and other members of the Virginia Tech community attended the ceremony. The College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences is proud to serve as academic sponsor for Lavender House.

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Video by Savannah Webb, Mary Crawford, and Andrew Adkins
Living in Lavender House has been one of my greatest honors. I could definitely say just being a part of such a diverse community in and of itself has been so impeccable in so many ways. I would say one thing that specifically makes Lavender House different to every other dorm is the community that you immediately feel the second you open those elevator doors or go out those stairs? I mean, it feels like it's been a really long time, but also no time at all since the students moved in. As soon as the first ones started moving in their things, I immediately felt this like spark or the excitement that I was waiting for all summer. As soon as you walk into the Lavender House lounge, you see a group of people constantly talking and hanging out. And I will say, I typically don't see that in a lot of traditional dorms, but in lavender house, LLC, we constantly have individuals hanging about planning events, being the part and communicating with one another, and discovering new opportunities and engaging in so many different fields of research or internships or clubs. Going right into college, you might feel a little iffy. You don't really know the surroundings or the environment, but every single individual has walked into Lavender House and now is engaged in Virginia Tech, joining clubs and organizations because they feel that community and that sense of welcomeness. I would say one thing specifically to let every person at Virginia Tech know about Lavender House is it is open doors. A lot of queer Individuals within Virginia Tech feel comfortable when they walk to Lavender House and are a part of that dorm. For what I can see right now, we have a lot of potential and a lot of individuals that are very interested in joining Lavender House. And all I see right now is just more and more students who want to be a part of it and I'm super excited to see that. So I would suggest any person that's interested in queer theory or queer studies, or wants to just be a part of an inclusive environment full of bright-minded young students at Virginia Tech, I would highly recommend they look into Virginia Tech's Lavender House Living Learning Community.