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3D Scanning Studio merges physical and digital realms

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Category: campus experience Video duration: 3D Scanning Studio merges physical and digital realms
The 3D Scanning Studio in Newman Library allows patrons to digitize real world objects with state of the art equipment. 
The 3D Scanning Studio is a space in Newman Library where we offer a 3D scanning service. So we have four 3D scanners, they're higher-end, Artec 3D scanners. Each of them has a specific purpose. There's one for scanning small objects, medium objects, large objects. There's one for scanning extremely small objects, and one of them is particularly portable. So if we need to go somewhere for a thing that can't be moved, we have one of those. This studio can be used by anybody including community patrons. So far we have a lot of researchers using it. But we've also had students who are just working on their own thing. They need a scan of something for personal projects and so they'll come in and use the space for that. I think it's really cool. I think it's really important actually for the library. I like that we offer so many services like this that students can access without having to purchase anything. I think it helps people's work. Not only just so they can make assets for things, but also just to make it look more professional. I think that this 3D scanning department can add a lot of quality, especially to any presentation, or to preserve anything that someone would need to maybe return to another library or another studio. Come to 3D Scanning Studio is listed on there. When they go to make a booking, the time that they intend to get this