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Virginia Tech's Meat Science Center is a cut above

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The Virginia Tech Meat Science Center, a hub for teaching and research, operates as a fully functional, state-inspected processing plant, offering a unique educational experience to student employees who participate in animal processing, fabrication, sanitation, and retail sales.

To me, love is houses harbored of Animal Sciences. We have a retail store that is open to the general public. It is open on Fridays from one to 05:30 PM. So we have the community coming in and purchasing product here, and that's an outreach for us to work with them. We have a fresh case. There were the students work all week to stock that with fresh beef, pork, lamb. Every week's a little bit different depending on our teaching and research needs of what we need to process. We employ about 1210 to 12 students annually. These students are largely from the College of Ed. However, not all of them are within AML sciences. Once they get engaged in this, in this system, in ramp, they really start to find that these are useful skills that they can take with them as consumers, as someone who may go out and work in the meat industry, or just someone who wants to be a well-rounded agriculturists are actually getting a really well-rounded education and what it takes to actually take an animal and make it into our plate. I'm kinda from beef cattle background where Grace cow calves. But I've never really been on the meat side of things though. Why don't you just give it a try? I've learned the basic skills of how to be a butcher. But I've also learned a lot of managerial skills. How to work as a team. And really a lot of aloft lessons come out of this. I think it probably solidifies my love for agriculture. Get the seed, the process of it, known how to ensure that we can provide the consumers and local community with a healthy food supply. I'll take great crowd and that processing me is a little bit more in depth than what May 1 think. So our students come in with a very limited knowledge and we really start them out on the basics of AML processing. So everything, time for a student to progress through this program, to get to preschool level takes about a year before it really starts to feel sure of themselves on all parts of this program.