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Virginia Tech partners with Boeing and the Commonwealth of Virginia

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Boeing announced today a new partnership with the Commonwealth of Virginia and Virginia Tech to establish The Boeing Center for Veteran Transition & Military Families, a new hub for veterans and their families. The Center, to be located at Virginia Tech’s Innovation Campus in Alexandria, Va., will provide career resources and advance employment opportunities for veterans in one of the nation’s most rapidly developing tech corridors, as well as support for military families during the transition to civilian life.
I can't say enough about the Innovation Campus. It has proceeded as, as I had, optimistically expected it to. It's got great leadership that's developing a great faculty. Facilities are moving. And I believe most importantly, the kids are going to love it. The kids are going to love it. The faculty is going to love it. You know veterans are a big deal to Virginia Tech and it continues today. We're producing military leaders, but we have to think about their course of their careers and what happens after they have completed their serfs and start to transition. And that's equally important. And I think we recognize that challenge for many years, but we finally have a chance to do something about it in a big way. And, and it takes partners. This is not something one institution can do. It really needs the cooperation of the Commonwealth in the leadership of the Commonwealth. And Boeing is an incredible partner for us. So just the fact that we are in a position now to make this big move with our veterans has deep meaning to Virginia Tech. And we serve veterans all day long. It is front and center for every one of us to be thinking about this every day, all day. And the fact that we can team up with the Innovation Campus, on this process, could not be more proud of the Boeing team. In the long run, I think the two of us working together along with our other partners, are really going to help turn this region into a true super hub for technology and policy. And everybody's lined up around that. We see the huge opportunities, it's just right in front of us, we just got to go get it.