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University Libraries features Americans and the Holocaust traveling exhibition

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The Americans and the Holocaust traveling exhibition presents viewers with primary source information that examines the motives, pressures and fears that influenced America's response to Nazi Germany and genocide during the 1930s and 1940s. 

The exhibition can be found on the fourth floor of Newman Library on Virginia Tech's Blacksburg campus.
The exhibit is called Americans in the Holocaust. It's a traveling exhibition for libraries. 50 sites were selected, partly for geography. They needed to not be too close to Washington DC. We're actually the closest site to the Holocaust Museum itself. There's a wealth of knowledge here that is quite interesting. If you take a minute to walk through and experience it. The exhibit is designed not to give you answers. The exhibit is designed to present you with some primary source information, some knowledge about what was covered in the newsreels of the time, what was in newspaper articles at the time. What did Americans actually know about what was going on in Europe, about the Nazi Party, about the persecution of the Jews under Adolf Hitler. And it presents you with some of the evidence, the documentarian evidence that we have from the time, and ultimately leaves it to you to decide what you want to take from it. There's something here really for any student. There's the historical nature of it. There's the construction of the exhibit, the design of the exhibit. There's the statistical analysis that happens in some of the panels. There's examination of international race relations with some panels on some black athletes and what they did at the Olympics. There's the interactive sort of video documentary production aspects that can be accessed through the various videos. There's an introduction video on the front panel as well as some kiosks with things. So there's really a wide variety of things that could be of interest to students. And that's the kind of thing that we tried to bring to the library.