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Health Sciences and Technology campus: Thriving in the spirit of Ut Prosim

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The Fralin Biomedical Research Institute at VTC and the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine both opened in 2010, continuing the university’s 150-year legacy of service while transforming the surrounding community.
Virginia Tech has a motto of food Pro some that I'm they serve and the frame them Biomedical Research Institute and the whole health science campus here in Ronak. It's very much embodied in that spirit to say that we're training thought leaders means that we're being much more explicit about equipping our students with the skills that it takes to continue to be curious, to evaluate new data and new information, and to bring new ideas forward to improve health care. No matter what situation they find themselves in after they graduate, there was just a, seem to be a great enthusiasm. Don't want to be part of this enterprise. And we're able to attract high-quality people from the very beginning. I think that catalyze our growth early on and allowed us to move at a much more rapid stage than I would have predicted. We are structure from the very beginning to have a shared agenda is overlapping. Faculty rowing in the same direction here at VTC, even though we emphasize different aspects of what is traditionally called an academic health center, there are approximately 400 employees and students carrying out research at the fray them Biomedical Research Institute. By the time our newest building, building number four, is fully occupied and the next five years or so, that number will double. We're actually thinking very seriously and methodically about what it would take to build the school to a larger size. What size building would we need? Where would it be situated, and then how big could it be while maintaining all of the things that are so important for our students. And that's what excites me, is that we're able to build on the strengths of this school to layer in some additional skills for our students to make them even more prepared to go forth and to lead over the next decades and into the next century, I would predict Virginia Tech will be known as one of the most innovative places in the world in terms of biomedical research and health sciences.