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VTCSOM Match Day 2022

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Finishing four years of hard work at the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine, graduating students finally had their day in the sun at the annual Match Day celebration Friday. All of the 41 students successfully matched to residencies in 16 states and 30 different academic health centers. Fourteen students will remain in theĀ  Virginia, with eight staying close by at Carilion Clinic. We are so proud of you!
It's an incredible experience. Nothing will be having that no in-person with your friends and your family and all who support you throughout this entire IT. So I'm still happy that my order a little bit more anxiety. Bluffing. You get much better partners getting what they want to hang together. I know something about screamed and then looked at the other person just to make sure they were screaming. Also, thankfully, at the end, the mass dm at a place that we want it to be most and that's where so been very lucky. I just can't say how excited I am for everyone and to have a place to be for the next stage in our careers. And it's just it feels like feels like the culminating point to so much hard work to be able to share that. One of my best friends for the last 40 years is just a mismatch. There was an incredible success. It was a success because 100% of this class of 2022 matched. And because they matched into very, very prestigious programs across the country.