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Sports media students make their predictions for Final Four tournament

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Category: academics Video duration: Sports media students make their predictions for Final Four tournament
Every year, Bill Roth tasks his students in Introduction to Sports Media with creating an accurate Final Four bracket.  Students base their predictions on team statistics and come up with overall rankings as a class.
Who thinks it should be restarted the intro to sports media class to get seven years ago now, one of the fun data analytics projects that you have is projecting the final before, we had little over an hour to look at as many fat cells meet code and create the most accurate bracket. We could. We had to narrow it down today between Purdue and Virginia attack out of the Eastern bracket at Eastern region. But everybody else was concise on Gonzaga, Iowa, and Tennessee as well. So that's pretty cool, is a very fun class. One thing that I noticed about this huge groups that they were all very high on zigzag analytics for Gonzaga, regardless of which one it is, regardless of which that trick you looked at exactly was near the very top. Just about every category. So they were the number one team overall for this, we're focusing on just for data. In saga has been a huge win across the board in every big amount of three-pointers, amount of shots, throne and made her possession. Gonzaga is the best team in the country on paper, offensively, rebounding the basketball a little bit on the defensive side as well. I feel like if you're going in blind and you're just making a bracket on like your typical fan would. Everybody's back is going to be completely different. But because everybody's looking at these databases that Bill offered us, kinda really get to deep dive and see it reveals who are the best