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2021 HokieBird graduates revealed during online Commencement

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Video duration: 2021 HokieBird graduates revealed during online Commencement

The students behind the HokieBird are typically revealed as they process into Lane Stadium during Commencement. Two HokieBirds graduating in spring Class of 2021 were revealed during the university’s online Commencement, May 14.   

So you are the Hokie bird on the ocular. What's the most common question? People ask you, on a summer day? What it's about 80 degrees outside. Floppy come up to me and asked if it's hot in there. Which your fondest memory, 6 over time versus you and see the football game, I think two years ago now, I was an suit, so I was like super exhausted, was really fun. It was one of my favorite memories. People, Hokie bird really must have been an enlightening experience. What did you learn? Smile and a hobby. I can narrow it came someone's day, but to change their week, we are one common characteristic and we are all her kids and we love Virginia Tech. Oh, no, wait. Obviously recording.