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Venture Out opens new bouldering wall

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Venture Out's bouldering wall is located in the new Venture Out Center at 540 Beamer Way, in the South Recreation Area next to the Recreational Field House and Intramural Fields. Use of the bouldering wall is free for students during open hours of noon to 9:00 p.m. 
Here, venture out. We are in our new facility. It's just under 5 thousand square feet, and that includes a compa germ bouldering mall, a new storage facility. The boater laws 40-foot motoring wall that has vertical faces, horizontal faces, and overhung faces for commerce ability. Today is our grand opening. We have a 144 spots available for students to come in throughout the day and participate in time. And that sold out within hours of us putting that out for open registration. I didn't know is coming until I saw it on Instagram and I was super excited. I just got into climbing. So this is a really cool thing. And I saw that they had glow in the dark climbing, which is really unique. I've never had great upper body strength declining at first, it's kind of hard, but it's fun. Those really fun ways to workout. Ventura is Virginia Tech outdoor experiential education program will be trips, facilitation programs, team-building activities. You can swing by everything from backpacks to tents, sleeping bags, boats, canoes, kayaks. We will be opened Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday from new to nine to the remainder of the semester for students to sign up for. Time slots, can order at their convenience.