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Animal Cancer Care and Research Center opens for comprehensive care of dogs and cats

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Category: research Video duration: Animal Cancer Care and Research Center opens for comprehensive care of dogs and cats
The Virginia Tech Animal Cancer Care and Research Center is a comprehensive cancer care and clinical research center offering integrated services, including medical, surgical, and radiation oncology, and frontline cancer diagnostics and treatment for dogs and cats.
This is a very unique opportunity that we've been given to not only provide the best cancer care possible to our clients and our patients, but also, too, we have a really unique opportunity to advance cancer research. Now, what we're able to do is, in the same building, we have radiation oncologists, we have surgeons who have done additional training in cancer surgery and then we have medical oncology. It's been amazing. We have everything we've ever wanted. We can do everything here because before we'd have to refer our clients for radiation or sometimes even surgeries just depending on what it was or what was going on at the vet school. So it's great. Everything is here, right at our fingertips. I think that this is something that is very new to this area and also unique in, in our ability to offer an integrated oncology service, a very comprehensive cancer care. Most cancers need more than one type of treatment. They need surgery and radiation and chemotherapy. And so when we all sit down together and make a plan together, that plan is better than anything that we could come up with on our own. This is great for her. Sandy has been with us for seven years. We think she's the best dog in the world. We got the diagnosis that it was one or two or three things. They did some testing and said it's likely cancer in her leg. So we were quickly referred to the oncology center here. It is really a great thing to have