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This year marked a time of discovery and breakthrough for Virginia Tech researchers, faculty, and students to fulfill its land-grant mission.
[00:00:04] >> Future house an endeavor that's been 2 decades in the making by a team of faculty and students at Virginia Tech in the future when I get hungry for a pizza am I going to be able to have the pizza delivered by drone why not weighing aviation received approval by the f.a.a. yesterday after a pilot program with Virginia Tech. [00:00:26] The Freelon Biomedical Research Institute of d.t.c. brings unexpected discoveries to the world for a brighter future. Researchers at Virginia Tech released a new safety ratings for youth helmets based on their studies of head in x. the apex center for entrepreneurs is dedicated to helping students in the long term their ideas and passions into action and we do that on a variety of different ways one of them is the on from the challenge that we hold every year today of researchers at Virginia Tech have identified the specific part of the tech that triggers a line arthritis one of the most painful symptoms of Lyme disease. [00:01:06] The College of Veterinary Medicine at Virginia Tech brings today's animal and human health experts together to propel discoveries shaped leaders and save lives. On in the future that's a Virginia Tech researchers are doing with a new project they are they're using brand new technology to make the farming industry more efficient. [00:01:27] A fossil discovered right here in New Mexico more than 2 decades ago has been identified as a new cousin to the T