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Mac Babb named Virginia Tech Police Chief

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William “Mac” Babb, III was named the new chief and director of security of the Virginia Tech Police Department. The official pinning ceremony took place Oct. 2.  

[00:00:00] >> When Mac Babb joined the Virginia Tech Police Department in 2015, he brought 25 years of experience in urban law enforcement to his role as deputy chief. "It allowed me to really kind of recognize and develop in the administrative role and be more of a person who ensures the middle level of care is uniform across the department." Now, as Former Chief Kevin Foust takes on the new position of associate vice president for safety and security, there was no one better than Babb to step in. [00:00:34] "Mac has been able to step right in without missing a beat and develop those key relationships, not only here on campus but all across Virginia and all across the country in this particular law enforcement field. So already, he is being thought of as a leader in this field and so that will continue to have great benefits for our department here." Chief Babb knows the significance of the relationships, the collaboration the VTPD spent decades building with the Town of Blacksburg. [00:01:03] "To disregard those friendships and how much time was spent in developing friendships, the partnerships, and the resource sharing that goes on would be very foolish of anybody who is taking a leadership role to ignore those or take them for granted and that's definitely something I would want to protect." Protecting and serving a community which he has long held ties to. [00:01:23] "My father attended school here, played football and it was very, you know, he's very proud that I'm here at Virginia Tech. "It is my honor and pleasure to introduce to you the chief of police and director of security here at Virginia Tech, Mac Babb."