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Boundless Impact: Virginia Tech celebrates campaign launch

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Virginia Tech launched the most ambitious fundraising and engagement campaign in its history. Thousands of students and alumni spent this weekend celebrating with a kick-off event at the Moss Arts Center, followed by a free concert on the Drillfield, and ending with the Virginia Tech Hokies football team taking on Rhode Island.
[00:00:11] >> Can you feel the momentum, can you feel the energy at this moment in our history. Virginia Tech is uniquely positioned to lead in this new era, regionally, nationally, globally. I've met students, and alumni, who have broadened my small town horizons, and helped me see the world differently. [00:00:36] Virginia Tech levels the playing field giving us the same support and opportunities. (CHANTING) : H-O-K-I-E-S. I chose Virginia Tech, not only for its academics, but because I know that no matter where I am in the world there will be someone in maroon and orange reaching out with Go Hokies! [00:00:55] (CHANTING) Let's Go Hokies! (CHANTING) Let's Go, Hokies! When it comes to school spirit, Hokies are off the charts. Join us in turning that spirit into action, and catapulting this university that we love into the future forever. It is our powerful combination of wisdom and youthful energy, tradition, and inventiveness respect for the past and unbridled enthusiasm for the possibilities of the future that position us for boundless impact. [00:01:42] Thank you.