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Dairy Handling 101

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Students visit the Kentland Dairy Complex each week for Dairy Handling 101. Some have previous experience working with cows, others do not. 
[00:00:01] >> I'm Claire Lancaster, I'm a freshman Dairy Science major on a pre-vet track. I have loved cows for a long time and I knew I wanted to do something related to cows. If you have a halter, follow Chrissy she'll tell you. We're in dairy handling lab right now, we're halter breaking cows which is just training cows to be comfortable in a halter and being able to like handle them, and herd them, and do all kinds of things. [00:00:23] We're working on running them in circles to make them comfortable with the halter and then once they're compliant in circles, we'll start straight walking them just for even more exposure in the halter. This is like my fun class, I really like coming out here and getting to play with the animals and it's just like a happy place for me.