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2019 VetTRAC camp gives students insight into veterinary school

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Category: academics Video duration: 2019 VetTRAC camp gives students insight into veterinary school
The VA-MD College of Veterinary Medicine's VetTRAC Summer Program at Virginia Tech is a weeklong exploration of vet school and potential careers in veterinary medicine.

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[00:00:00] >> Find the optic disc, that would be really good, that's that, you know, where the optic nerve is coming into his eye. So VetTRAC is a summer camp that we offer to under-represented minority students all over the United States and internationally. On the other end of the leash. [00:00:14] It's an opportunity for them to immerse themselves and veterinary education to experience what it's like to go to veterinary school and also to firm their desire to become a veterinarian. You just like flush it out, you definitely can. The benefits are that they do get to experience veterinary school, they understand what it takes to make it through the veterinary program, they get individualized counseling in regards to admissions, career opportunities that other students wouldn't have the opportunity to do. [00:00:42] We've learned about a wide variety of careers from government jobs working with USDA to large animal veterinarians, education, even Army medicine, there's a wide variety of career choices that you can be as a veterinarian, not just your small dogs and cats clinic. Walking around the vet school, it has given me some much excitement, it makes me feel like you walk into your dreams. [00:01:09] Having the opportunity to actually be here and like talk to the people that's doing what you aim for, it feels really surreal and at the same time it gives you more motivation to keep going to apply to veterinary schools. And this program has really helped me get hands-on experience, it's helped me to meet different people, to talk about the career paths, it's just a great program overall to really see this is what you want to do as a career.