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College of Science hosts high school teachers for Nanoscience camp

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The College of Science hosted 16 high school science teachers from across Virginia, Maryland, and Tennessee for three days of in-depth lab experiments and demonstration centered on bringing nanoscience into the classroom.

[00:00:00] >> There you go, you can see it moving around the bottom, it's crazy! Nanoscience is a field that cuts across pretty much every discipline of science and engineering. And then what kind of container do you want to for this [INAUDIBLE]? This camp is a professional development activity for high school teachers to help them learn how to utilize nanoscience in their classrooms. [00:00:23] [INAUDIBLE]. I'm just like my students in, you know, if you have a hands-on activity, you kind of reel me in right away. It's been a long time since I've actually done a professional development like this since I am a department chair at my school, for our science, it's been really eye-opening and I'll be able to give this to them, all areas that we have, to be able to use in their classroom. [00:00:54] Learned a lot about nanoscience, I think it's really neat all the applications and I can't imagine the future applications. I'm going to consult the instructions, so [INAUDIBLE] you need one milliliter. Every single one of the teachers is going to be taking home with $300 worth of supplies of various activities and demos that we're using in the classroom, they will be able to take them and use them in their own classroom in their high schools. [00:01:20] For the College of Science as well as for the nanoscience degree program, it's very important for us not just to educate our undergraduate and graduate students but to be able to show how our science connects with all of society. [INAUDIBLE] We have one of only two nanoscience degree programs in the country. [00:01:39] The teachers leave being aware that Virginia Tech is a place where students can come and major in nanoscience and nanomedicine.