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Virginia Tech awards Heywood Fralin the 2019 William H. Ruffner Medal

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Category: culture Video duration: Virginia Tech awards Heywood Fralin the 2019 William H. Ruffner Medal
Virginia Tech bestows its highest honor, the 2019 William H. Ruffner Medal, on Heywood Fralin. The award recognizes Fralin’s longstanding commitment to Virginia Tech, including his transformative role advancing biomedical research through the university’s growing presence in Roanoke.

[00:00:00] >> There are advantages to being one of Heywood Fralin's children. "You know, my brother Robert, sister Catherine and I could tell you all kinds of things about what a great father he is." William Fralin has the benefit of not only being Heywood's son but he's worked with his father for nearly 20 years. [00:00:18] "I get a whole, another, side of him and he's been a great mentor to me professionally in that sense." "With my political background, I got to see him full scale in operation in Richmond and that's quite a thing." Known as someone who gets things done: "Heywood Fralin is the most effective catalyst I've ever met. [00:00:38] He not only knows, it seems everybody who's anybody in people you need to know to get things done. He has a way of talking to people and bringing them to the table and engaging them in conversation, getting them to listen, to work together and form partnerships." His commitment to higher education is lifelong. [00:00:57] "His impact has really been on what he's gotten accomplished that I've admired him for. He has been a diehard for years on higher education." "He's been one of the, I think strongest advocates that one could find for higher education. Not just for Virginia Tech and UVA where he was also on the Board of Visitors, but for the entire system of higher education.” Heywood Fralin is just as passionate about his commitment to serve. [00:01:27] "When he commits to it, h