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Bill Roth's sports media class aims to predict Final Four

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Category: academics Video duration: Bill Roth's sports media class aims to predict Final Four
March Madness can seem unpredictable but when it comes filling out an NCAA bracket, Bill Roth, professor of practice and former Voice of the Hokies, challenges his sports media students to successfully predict the Final Four.

[00:00:00] >> Here's what we're doing the day you need to complete your bracket when it comes to picking a March Madness bracket fans typically have their own system I definitely love hearing other people's opinions because everyone kind of has their favorite teams and kind of looks on a different way but students in Bill brought intro to sports media course at Virginia Tech look beyond their favorites these kids have to figure out that some of these upsets are really upsets and they can be predicted predicted by looking at the data we're lucky now we live in a society where and a culture where what there are a lot of analytics out there we can look at advanced metrics of every college team in the match ups and try to predict who might win to really study the net rankings study the nitty gritty in the advanced analytics of every college team and evaluate the matchups going forward the name of the school believe there's a little pressure to avoid any potential bracket buster this is kind of for a grade this bracket so I can have to do my research this time pay more attention students make their picks and pool their predictions for the Final 4 Quinnipiac had their students project the presidential elections and it would Unitech we're projecting the N.C.A.A. Final 4 It's a perfect match up but sports and science math can be fun and data analytics is a science that's really growing nationally and this gives them a taste of that.