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Chicken Parm Day at Owens Hall

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Chicken Parmesan day has become a staple for any hungry Hokie student on campus.  On Wednesday, February 13th, Virginia Tech Dining Services broke their record and sold 2,881 chicken parm plates.  We asked students why they love the meal so much, now that it's become such a phenomenon at the university.
[00:00:00] >> Chicken Parm Day! Yes sir, go get you some. This is like a comfort meal, chicken parm just makes me feel at home. It's something that every hokie just has to have. Just because its so good this is probably one of the best meals that Virginia Tech has. [00:00:22] Chicken Parm? Yes please. The way the cheese is melted on that nice chicken patty, it's so good. The way they top on that extra meat sauce with the noodles, it just goes together, it's a match made in heaven. Yeah! Ever since freshman year, for the past four years now, when it's chicken parm day it's a new feeling in Owens, a ton of people go. [00:00:48] I've always come to eat chicken parm, there's something special about it, it's delicious. Today is super special, because we're attempting to break the Virginia Tech record and it's just a cool way for the Virginia tech community to come together over some chicken parm. I myself have never missed one, and that's something I take pride in my self a lot. [00:01:08] Everyone loves chicken parm, I'm like a big carb person. I love pasta. So like add chicken to it, its a family staple, I don't know chicken parm just makes me really happy. It brings all these Hokies together to celebrate over something so simple like some chicken over pasta. [00:01:27] Go Hokies! Eat some chicken parm