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Parents' parting words to students

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As Move-In 2018 was underway, we asked family members, "What are your parting words to your students?" 
[00:00:07] >> Be awesome and have the time of your life. We love you, do well --I'm gonna cry, ok. One make sure you go to class. Don't forget to face time your mom as much as possible she misses you and wants to see as much of you as possible. [00:00:20] Have a great time at Tech- Go Hokies! Gosh Jay, I absolutely love you, you have done very well we're so proud of you. Work hard, play hard and make good decisions we love you. We're always here for you, we're always your parents, we're always your support system, your back up in life but know that this is your time this is your adventure go off confidently and do the best job you can- love you. [00:00:47] Two: make sure you have fun but not too much fun. Be safe look out for each other and do great job and have fun. I wish you the best of luck don't worry about nothing concentrate on school you know what you are here to do pride, Virginia Tech, Hokie for life. [00:01:05] You really are here to get an education so don't forget that OK. Good luck Have fun here at Virginia Tech and make the most of it. A life is a lot easier when you work hard and if you always do what you always did you always get what you always got. [00:01:22] And make sure you enjoy yourself college is a unique experience. Go to class, have fun and study hard. Best of luck, we love you and enjoy Tech. You'll make a lot of friends for life. And you'll have a lot of support along the way we love you and we wish you the best we know you're going to do your greatest here and really enjoy the college experience. [00:01:47] Be happy, Bye!