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What's Your Major? - Biological Sciences

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Nathan shares his study of biological sciences and psychology and how he learns how the human body interacts with and impacts the world.
Hi everyone. My name is Nathan and I'm a fourth year here at Virginia Tech. I'm a double major in biology and psychology in the College of Science. Biology is the study of living things from the cells that make up our body to entire force and ecosystems. I chose this major so I could learn more about the human body and the way that it impacts the world around it. Within the biological science major, there are four concentrations that you can choose from. These include the biomedical option, the education option, the ecology, evolution and behavior option, and then the general studies option. I participated in an internship here at my time at Virginia Tech would be Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine. There I studied public health and the use of electronic medical records in Latin American countries. After graduation, I plan on attending medical school and becoming a doctor. My major lays out a great foundation in the basic sciences including biology, chemistry, and physics, and has really prepared me for my next step in my academic career.