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Prototyping Studio welcomes wishes and dreams

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The Prototyping Studio, an advanced makerspace on the fourth floor of Newman Library, now offers 3D Printing, laser cutting, CNC, vacuum forming, clay modeling, sewing and screen printing, all free for the Virginia Tech community. 
We're always trying to target majors that don't necessarily have 3D printers available for their students because it's not really part of the brain. We've also expanded to more resin printing, as well as metal 3D printing, which is a huge ad. And then we've added a laser cams US and the UK, laser cut wood, acrylic, plastics and stuff. We've got computers right behind me that have every CAD software that's used on campus, every modelling software used on Canvas and coding software's. The hope is that if you have an idea, you could start maybe digitizing that idea into some kind of fruition. Would get hands-on with maybe some wood or foam or clay or something. Get your hands off the start, taking your ideas from that digital and conceptual realm into something physical. So you go from your conceptual idea that you've kind of rough-hewn into fabrication space to make that a more decisive piece. You sand it down, maybe add some electronics. And then once you've got a rough prototypes, you come back in here and you measure those metrics. Does it meet with your initial idea? Maybe it doesn't. Maybe you need to go through another cycle and you start the whole process. So you can bring just here in a dream and then go to hopefully a fully functional piece. We want to lower the bar for entry by any means. So not being behind a particular academic college as a library, we facilitate all of our campus needs. And so we want to make our accessibility really, really open. We welcome everybody from campus. Here though holds bar, whatever discipline, whatever major. They will be like super low.