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"Gloving and Gowning" - Second-year Doctor of Veterinary Medicine students navigate learning sterile surgery procedures

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Category: academics Video duration: "Gloving and Gowning" - Second-year Doctor of Veterinary Medicine students navigate learning sterile surgery procedures

Second-year Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) students navigate a hands-on lab environment, meticulously practicing sterile procedures in a training environment. This practical lab represents the culmination of numerous individual practical and theory sessions designed to prepare these aspiring veterinarians for the complexities of conducting surgical procedures under sterile conditions.

This lab is an important final check before the students face a more formal inspection and test in the coming days. Only those who pass this vital stage can advance to future surgery lessons, marking a significant milestone in their journey to becoming veterinary doctors.

So today is our gowning, gloving and draping lab. And so now is kind of the culmination of their first two years. And we're putting all of these pieces that we've taught and everything that we practice. And we're putting them all together to do them all for the real thing for the first time. Closer to the edge. Turning with your fingertips, you're going to work down and do one complete lather that starts your five minute contact cap. Okay? You do that on both hands. You're going to take your stroke rush. You're going to go back to the top and you're going to start doing your ten strokes over each surface. Okay. You're going to work all the way around. It is so easy to break sterility. Everything you do, you got to constantly be thinking, am I in my sterile box? Am I doing this right? Am I touching the correct things? It's always a little scary for them and a little exciting. Yes, they can be successful and yes, we are going to help them be successful. It was a lot of uncertainty because we've done a few times practice a few times before. But this is all again like practice tear g. Well, now we're moving from being just students to being student doctors because come this summer they're going to be upstairs in the hospital seeing actual patients with actual doctors in real time. But this is where we really got to put it all together and actually work with what you will be doing in real life.