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Graduate cohort holds first student organized art exhibition

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Nate King says the Master in Fine Arts (MFA) in Creative Technologies program is growing. The Assistant Professor in the School of Visual Arts says having a space where students can grow and learn from each other is beneficial to the development of their unique practices.
There have been pop up shows throughout various points in my time here, but this is the first time that the grad students have proposed their own show. So we're excited about that. The cohort that is here right now seems really enthusiastic about trying to get their work together and sharing it with the broader tech community. And so I'm trying to support them as much as possible. I've been focusing the class a lot on writing and having them speak to their artistic practices. And really delving into like they're making what they're making and what they're interested in. You stand in front of the camera and then the script understands your position and your color, the color of the object. And when you move, your movement information is then translated to brush strokes on a digital canvas. I'm working with three other grad students on an exhibition outside. We're trying to make a throw up installation that we can then have some really cool animations on and make an atmospheric setting for people to see. Then I've been working a lot with stop motion. I'm currently working on a charcoal animation. Sometimes critique can be such an intimidating space. And so the open studios was a way to kind of foster a bit more casual interaction that's less intimidating. We just want to show people that we are on a journey, I think all graduate students are on journey. I'm proud of it because people can experience it and see what we're doing, how we're using new tools, new media to create art experiences. I think that it's a kind of gratifying experience. Just like finally getting that collaborative experience and, you know, trying to fit the pieces of a puzzle together to make something that's really cool for everybody to come and see.