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Workshop focuses on science storytelling

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Visiting artist Amelia Winger-Bearskin, associate professor of AI and the arts at the University of Florida, lead an ideation and prototyping workshop with students in the Creativity and Innovation District. 
My name is Mili Winker, Beer Skin, and I'm a Banks family pre eminence chair of Artificial Intelligence in the arts at the University of Florida. I'm here as a visiting artist. I'm working with students here at the CID. We're doing a workshop around ideation and prototype. We're learning how to ideate around science storytelling. To think of science storytelling the way we think of many types of stories. Who are the characters? How do we get more research around the things that matter within a science story? What are the methodologies we use to tell this story? And then we think about what is at stake. What is at stake for the audience, but also what is at stake within the scientific community about the specific science storytelling that the student is doing. It's important to have storytelling so that you can explain why your research matters, what type of impact it has. Once you yourself know the story, you can understand how other people will receive it. I run the UF AI Climate Justice Lab, so we uniquely are looking at how we use science storytelling in climate justice. And how AI tools can contribute to some harm and also contribute to good. There are a lot of ways in which researchers are using artificial intelligence in positive ways to model environmental futures, to make decisions around how we can prepare ourselves for climate change.