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A lifetime achievement

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Paul Siegel, University Distinguished Professor and active professor emeritus in the School of Animal Sciences, has spent 60-plus years researching poultry and poultry genetics. In September, he received the Golden Goose Award, a national honor that recognizes researchers whose federally funded work has resulted in breakthroughs with tremendous human and economic benefits.
I'm Paul Siegel and Distinguished University Professor Active Emeritus. I liked the chickens and I grew up on a farm and it was a small 35 acre farm. The chickens responded to me and I responded to the chickens. And I don't ever remember when I wasn't around the chickens. This what I always wanted to do, I can't ever say that it was work. It's an award that I'm receiving to me, it's the people that work to tapout farm technicians, graduate students. We never could have had the lines without them and they have gone on into the world with this knowledge. So basically what my product has been, the students that have passed through my lab and we had the material that they could work with and they could go on. Basically, I look at myself as a teacher and I just provided them the wherewithal to go do.