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Local media tour new Corps Leadership and Military Science building

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Category: campus experience Video duration: Local media tour new Corps Leadership and Military Science building
As crews put the finishing touches on the Corps Leadership and Military Science Building, Commandant of Cadets Maj. Gen. Randal Fullhart gave a tour of the building to local Virginia media outlets.

Welcome to the Corps Leadership and Military Science Building. This building is really an embodiment of what a senior military college is all about. Which is a blending of the Corps of Cadets, it is a full time 24/7 leadership development program with world class ROTC programs. There's multiple classrooms for each ROTC, so all of the ROTC classes are held here, which makes it so everyone can come to one space and do class. There are many other rooms such as the cyber room, which is very useful for our cyber team who have been very successful. So I know that's going to be a big thing for them. We have an honor court room with a very nice balcony. You can oversee the entire Upper Quad. You have a war simulation room and multiple other classrooms and lounges. The reason for the library is to house part of our collections of memorabilia, maps, letters, and things from history. And one of the unique things as you've noticed over here, these are the Bugles, the year books from the university, which no longer is done. So there's a lot of different aspects of the building. There's also the museum. We'll have three galleries within the museum. The Skipper Reception Gallery houses the original cannon that was used starting in the 1963 era. So now everything's together and it really builds a bond between the ROTC's and the Corps, and makes it so we have a center space for all the cadets. And also if you just look around, the architecture here is just beautiful. It's a building You walk in to and are just amazed by. Part of the design of the building is to tell stories. Some of them are obvious. As you look here in the atrium, we have the pylons represented, just as they are on the War Memorial Plaza. And there are some other small details that we think people will discover over time and be part of the story that cadets will pass on to their families throughout the years to come.