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Hokies say "Thank You" to their advisors

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Student Hokies around campus say "Thank You" to their advisors as part of Global Advising Week which is celebrated the first week of May to to honor academic advising in its many impactful forms. Virginia Tech understands how essential academic advising is in the success of students and is excited to participate in recognizing and appreciating the hard work of advisors at Virginia Tech.
When I first saw you, I was kind of scared because college was new to me. I was really lost with the course selection, but you really helped me out by telling me which course to take and what not to take. Well, I just want to say thank you. This one, say thanks for all you do. As a transfer student, you really helped me feel comfortable transitioning into this new school. And thanks for caring not only about my academics, but you know me, I'm more of a personal level now and I really appreciate that. When I met with you, I was undecided and I was very overwhelmed trying to choose a major. So when you talked me through everything, I really felt like it put everything in perspective and it was so helpful to me. I'm so much happier on the career path that I've chosen and I just appreciate everything you've done for me. Thank you so much for helping me schedule my classes and it's fitting my minor into my major. Thank you so much for being the best advisor over the last four years of my college experience, you've helped me so much with navigating through my classes, Creating course schedules, and always having the answers to all of my questions. And I'd be so lost without you. Thanks for helping managers the classes to make sure I don't overwhelm myself. Thank you for everything you've done for me this past year, like helping me with classes and any trouble that's come along the way. Thank you for helping me graduate within two years. I didn't think it was possible when I first got here as student who financially support herself, you took the time and the dedication to help me figure out how to complete my other 60 credits within two years. And I really appreciate it. I just wanna say thank you so much for giving me not only the opportunity to do a dual degree within my four years at Virginia Tech, but to also connect with peers and attend multiple conferences, have internships, and just generally enjoy my time being hokey. Sometimes I don't feel like Thank you As enough for all that you've done for me. This journey has been really, really hard and your support has meant the world to me. I've made it this far in my academic journey because of you. I really, really appreciate it. I'm graduating and you're a big part of that. Thank you. Thank you. Thanks. Thank you for being my adviser. Thank you for being my adviser. Thank you for being my adviser.