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What's Your Major? - Physics

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Tim shares what he studies as a physics major and is desire to learn more about the universe.
Hi, my name is Tim and I am a fourth year at Virginia Tech. I am majoring in physics. And what that entails is learning more about the world in which we live. We study matter, motion in the behavior through space and time, along with related concepts like energy and force. I chose the physics major because I've always been fascinated about how we got here. I want to know more about our place in the universe. Also, who doesn't want to study black holes? A lot of students are interested in studying astrophysics. And although Virginia Tech does not have in astrophysics major, the physics department does offer an astronomy minor. The physics major combined with the astronomy and minor is pretty much equivalent to an astrophysics major. There are also other pathways in physics, including pre-med, pre-law, and education. Most of the research I've done has been observational radio astronomy. At Virginia Tech I study early type galaxies using the very large array, and I have studied fast radio bursts using the long wavelength array. These past two summers, I worked at NASA, studying comets using various radio telescopes. After I graduate, I plan to obtain my PhD in physics and continue doing observational radio astronomy. Majoring in physics has provided me with the necessary knowledge and tools to pursue these future endeavors of mine.