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Mining engineering is a blast of a major

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Mining and minerals engineering academic advisor Michelle Crotto recently took first-year general engineering students to the Jack's Mountain Quarry in Glade Hill, Virginia, where Hokie mining alumni working for Rockydale Quarries Corp., introduced them to surface mining and blast engineering. VT mining engineering rocks!
Minutes, 2 min until blast signal. My name is Katie. I came on this trip because I wanted to exploit rocks because I'm pretty interested in my answer. Hello blast Day is an event where we take freshmen students to our local employers. So different minds around the region where we are able to expose them to the mining industry and specifically blasting because it's a pretty cool thing that we do in our department. So that's kind of like little bit of a flashy like, Hey, you want to see this? And everybody loves explosives. And so, you know, during blast day, we would go for the explosive portion and then we also take a tour around the site and talk with the alumni and other employees of those sites. And just kind of expose students to our discipline and what they might do as mining engineer. I don't know. Really cool. There's a lot of rock.