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VTTI partners with Commonwealth Cyber Initiative to host technology showcase

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Category: research Video duration: VTTI partners with Commonwealth Cyber Initiative to host technology showcase
In an effort to foster collaborative efforts the Commonwealth Cyber Initiative (CCI) Southwest Virginia Node hosted a technology showcase in partnership with the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI).  Participants from around Virginia were able to present research, and network with other CCI nodes.  VTTI presented two demos, one of which featured the remote control of an Autonomous Truck-Mounted Attenuator (ATMA) vehicle. The demos highlighted the use of wireless technologies like 5G, and Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything (C-V2X) platforms.

VTTI is hosting the technology showcase in partnership with CCI. We are trying to include new technology that can actually be applied to this ADS connected vehicles and smart intersections with a focus of cyber security, safety and also new technologies. It's an opportunity for researchers throughout the Commonwealth, the CCI initiative to come together and share their research, what they'd been working the last few years. With the idea of bringing us together, getting us into rooms talking so that we can hopefully build collaborations together moving forward. So between nodes and within nodes. "I'm going to go ahead and lift off the brake a little bit." Today we demonstrated our Automated Truck Mounted Attenuator lead follow protocol. In addition to that, we showed how we can remotely control that vehicle if it were to encounter a situation in which it's not designed to handle. So we can remotely control, take control, and then maneuver the vehicle around obstacles that it can't move around itself. The drone is actually allowing to provide an aerial view. They aerial view is really helpful to provide aid to the supervisor or even the safety managers. Thanks to CCI we were able to explore 5G, C-V2X. And also ultra latency communications. We're really happy that CCI agreed to give us funding to do this, allowing us to kinda exchange ideas and see where the next problems are. We have a better understanding of that now I think