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Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine Graduation 2022

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Congratulations to the members of the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine Class of 2022! We are so proud to be sending 41 compassionate, amazing new physicians out into the world. They received their hood and diploma at VTCSOM’s ninth graduation on Saturday, May 7 at The Jefferson Center in Roanoke. Good luck in residency Class of 2022. 
We gather today to celebrate commencement ceremony, graduating class from the Virginia Tech Brilliant School of Medicine. Your help our school grow stronger and his reputation for excellence. You have exemplified text model procedure that I may serve, and I am confident you will continue to do so throughout your careers as physicians, researchers, academicians, and server believers, your success to improving the human condition will depend on your ability to connect across borders, fields of study. The work collaboratively with others in meaningful ways. It just a few minutes. We'll be done. And you're all going to a place where people becoming to use for Titus. We are convinced that you will be well-positioned. Trust, congratulations. Exciting, pretty incredible journey you're about to embark on. Here's my lifelong friends, or even more than you are. And finally, at the end, for you, 43 of the ripeness city that we had to explain to our friends did not disappear in 1590. It was a city when you're about to take a gigantic gamble on whether we would wind up like if you only 43 people, we might now for the next four years, let me not bury the lead. We loved each other. I really only have one from it all. And it's not stay more or less. It's not beautiful moments that you're so foolish. And my only regret is I get to know each of you just a little bit better because each of you are so special. And I'm much. And your future patients don't know how lucky there. With the incredibly attractive class of 2022, please. I'm very proud to detect ruling class of 2022 into our profession.