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Hokies show gratitude as Thank a Donor Day returns to campus

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Category: impact Video duration: Hokies show gratitude as Thank a Donor Day returns to campus
Thank a Donor day is back on Virginia Tech's campus, students were given an opportunity to send messages to those who have contributed to the success of the university.
Hi. I would like to thank all the donors that have given to Virginia hack throughout my experience here for helping expand this canvas and making it an even better place to live. These donations helped support my friends during COVID when they maybe couldn't afford to pay their rent or get food. And so a lot of the money like the ones that like the market, helped us pay for students to be able to support themselves during that time, recently, we just were able to put on flooring dances, which has never been done in history, which was really exciting. Doing that from the donors, donations and their support is really very cool experience. Everybody is really a donor in their own way. We talk about how you can give back through time treasure talent. So the people that have volunteered for the university in some capacity, there's all sorts of ways that you can give to the university, not just people with a monetary donation. I think that's a really important point. I think a downer day.