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Veterinary Teaching Hospital gets a new underwater treadmill

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Veterinary Teaching Hospital gets a new underwater treadmill. 

After 20 years of daily use, the existing underwater treadmill needed to be replaced within the rehabilitation service at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

Advancement at the college matched a donor who wanted to make a difference in animals’ lives and this project which will have a real impact within the teaching hospital.

Underwater treadmills are the gold standard in canine aquatic therapy for physical rehabilitation that can provide exercise for post-surgical, non-surgical, and degenerative issues. They help recover from cruciate repairs, hip abnormalities, spinal cord damage, and joint replacement. It provides treatment options for Degenerative Myelopathy, Osteoarthritis, Dysplasia, and other issues. The treadmill also can help with weight control fitness conditioning and help diagnose musculoskeletal ailments.

Physical rehabilitation for our pets is used for a range of problems, but the equipment we use doesn't last forever, unfortunately. And our existing underwater treadmill has been in use daily for almost 20 years. Without regular rehab, my patients are taking way longer to recover and they're losing some of that mobility and quality of life. One of our roles and advancement at the college is to match donors that want to make a difference. And animals lives with projects and needs that will have a real impact within the teaching hospital. We've been working with hospital administrators to see how we can help them replace the underwater treadmill. And we were able to find a donor who saw the importance of funding this effort. A, or poignantly here today. Today we're going to get our new treadmill installed today. It won't be DOD for another three days. I we're really looking forward to this. This has been such a whirlwind, putting this new machine together and learning all of its new features. It's a really neat machine and it's such a huge improvement. Really, really cool. I can do so much more with this new treadmill that I could not do with the old one. It's frustrating. The equipment gets more now, we use it every day and now we have even more patients than we used to. Having the right modern equipment really does make a difference. I can focus on looking after my patients and making