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Honors College senior merges art, engineering, and activism in campus exhibit

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Category: campus experience Video duration: Honors College senior merges art, engineering, and activism in campus exhibit
Mariam Hasan is an Honors College senior studying biomedical engineering, but she's also an artist, a designer, a scientist, and an activist fighting for social justice through, not just her art, but her engineering projects as well.

My name is Madison and I am a senior studying biomedical engineering in the Honors College. My eggs of COVID-19, a social murder investigation of racialized bodies in America intertwines the realms of Engineering, Art, Design, medicine, data visualizations and activism and social justice. As an artist and engineer and researcher, I kind of melded all those worlds together to create this data-based art exhibit to talk about the racialized health disparities and 910 conditions which cause them as two artists over 50k at, at all in Daniel kinda guy who use like data-based art that was really inspired by because when you look at their pieces, you're like, Whoa, this is really interesting and pretty and pleasing to the eye as aesthetic. And he feels it's all backed by data. So my goal was to kinda use data as a pigment to kind of talk about a really, really heavy topic. Most of myself as an engineer, like I'm still creating, I'm always like I'm designing medical technologies or things like that. My research outside of this is non-invasive cancer technology. And so we're trying to bring it to Malawi to help and underserved community. I think credit a lot of my success to the Honors College. And it's one space that embraces and pushes students to pursue transdisciplinary work, research, whatever it is, the professors that I've met through the eyes call it or actually some of the most amazing people I've met at this university, Dr. Inaki Louis and the Honors College has been my mentor and advisor throughout this entire project. And she is central to me knowing who I am and also pushing me to do things that I don't think I could've done by myself. I'm just so grateful for all the support that I've gotten throughout my time at the Honors College. And the way that they've let me figure out and be who I want to be.